NetDirector® Vision turns your vehicle stock into stunning digital assets through full 360° exterior and interior walk-arounds, complete with image and video highlights. There’s also a simple photography mode for adding great pictures to your existing image library with ease. Engage with consumers through a more immersive experience that puts them in the driver’s seat without them even leaving home. To find out more click here..

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Motor manufacturer takes a bite out of technology giant’s talent pool Tesla Motors have picked a significant successor to head up their Autopilot self-driving software development, in former Apple engineer Chris Lattner. Lattner replaces Jinnah Hosein, who as SpaceX’s vice-president of software, can now return there full-time to concentrate on…

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Purchase your next car along with your weekly shop Earlier this year, Hyundai launched their pioneering ‘click to buy’ scheme, giving their customers the option to configure a vehicle, research finance, pay their deposit, or buy outright from the comfort of their own home. And a quick, easy, no-haggle option…

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We’re connected to cars. Very connected. As most of us are undoubtedly aware, with every social media channel and retail website helpfully reminding us, today is Valentine’s Day. So, we thought we’d mark this annual celebration of love with some of the cars that have meant more to us than…

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